Technical documentation or technical publications (tech pubs) refer to any type of documentation that describes the operation, functionality, and architecture of an end product. The intended end-user of the technical documentation is often a service or maintenance technician who has some formal training and familiarity with the end-product that the technical documentation is addressing.

Today, most products require owners' and repair manuals, as well as other technical publications to instruct customers on their use. Rather than generate revenue, these supplementary publications increase costs, usually with minimal input from top management. Increasing wages and using legacy tools to create manuals only inflate costs further.

We offer a wide range of technical publication solutions which include authoring, development of drawings, exploded views and pictures. Our technical publications meet customer requirements from the creation of basic manuals to the development of complex interactive electronic technical manuals and publications. Our team uses the latest publishing software and tools to develop and create world class publications.

We also provide animation and e-learning services to our customers. These modules once developed can be the basis for training internal employees, customers, or marketing collateral that can be posted to your company's website or even shipped with your product. Electronic media is the way of the future and many of our customers are taking advantage of this service offering.

Our technical publications services include:

Creation, updation & modification of

  • Design & Process Documentation
  • Manufacturing & Assembly Instructions
  • Inspection & Test Procedures
  • Product Specification Sheets
  • Illustrated Parts List
  • Installation, Repair & Service Manuals
  • Catalogues & Sales Brochures