Conceptual product design is a set of integrated ideas & concepts about what it should do, behave & look like with assistance of drawings and other illustrations or models in way that is understandable for users.

It is the design of interactions, experiences, processes and strategies and is the point at which people, knowledge, products, services, processes & profitability meet vision & endless possibilities, acting as a distinct colour on the canvas of the designer.

Conceptual product design &development will assist the customer’s needs of a product design, from the conceptual design of product, till the prototype development of the product including detail designing of the product such as 2D & 3D models, cost build up estimates, procurement plans etc.

Industrial Design is the professional services of creating & developing concepts and specifications that optimize the functions, value & appearance of products and systems for the mutual benefit of both user and manufacturer.

The industrial designer’s unique contribution places emphasis on those aspects of the product or system that relate most directly to human characteristics, needs, experience, and interests. This contribution requires specialized understanding of visual, spatial, tactile, safety and convenience criteria.

Industrial designers also maintain a practical concern for technical processes and requirements for manufacture; marketing opportunities and economic constraints; and regulatory requirements.

ID Projects will be taken for – healthcare, consumer electronics, home appliances

Our Services in the Product Design & Development sector includes:

  • Conceptual Design
  • Industrial Design
  • New Product Development
  • Reverse Engineering